Course Description

Core architecture eLearning will help you to understand Calypso Architecture, the main components, and their interaction. It will help learners to Understand Calypso multi-tier architecture, Understand the robustness of Calypso application, Appreciate the event-driven architecture, Describe the key components and their role and Navigate Calypso Navigator(UI) for key user operations.

Course curriculum

  • Core Architecture

    • Calypso Core Architecture Overview

    • Events Orchestration

    • Assessment

  • Calypso Core Architecture V17

    • Calypso Core Architecture V17 Overview

    • Calypso Installation

  • Glossary

    • Data Model

  • Appendix

    • Calypso Architecture V17 - Presentation

    • Calypso Architecture - V16 Presentation

  • Step By Step Guide

    • Calypso Installation Handout v17

    • Importing DB Dump

    • to_clearevents.sql