Course Description

The Introduction to Middle Office Risk Architecture course describes topics that are important to Calypso’s middle tier. This course reviews and provides a high-level overview of how the middle office risk architecture generates, stores, and displays Risk and P/L results.

Calypso Risk provides a cross-asset market and credit risk solution, from an intraday or end-of-day perspective. It also allows risk managers and traders to manage their risk from pre-trade and post-trade perspectives.

The objective of this module is to provide readers with an introduction to “Calypso’s Middle Office Architecture”. The module provides a brief overview of the key components and describes their role in the Risk and P/L analysis.

At the end of this eLearning manual, you will be able to understand:

  • Middle Office Architecture
  • Key Risk Components

Course curriculum

  • Introduction to Calypso's Middle Office Risk Architecture

    • Introduction to Calypso's Middle Office Architecture

    • Test Your Knowledge