Course Description

Calypso is a multi-tier application developed using in Java technologies and few open source software’s, it also uses industry standard database tools to store reference and transaction data. Calypso has JBOSS integrated as server to facilitate component style functioning and administration. Calypso can easily integrate with approved third-party systems with few changes.In order to understand Calypso functionality and how it works the basic is to understand the architecture of Calypso.

In this course you will learn about the overall Calypso Architecture, the main components and their interaction.

It will help learners to -

  • Understand Calypso multi tier architecture

  • Understand the robustness of Calypso application

  • Appreciate the event driven architecture

  • Describe the key components and their role

  • Navigate Calypso Navigator(UI) for key user operations

Calypso Learning Services

Course curriculum

  • Core Architecture

    • Calypso Core Architecture Overview

    • Events Orchestration

    • Assessment

  • Glossary

    • Data Model