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Calypso account postings are a primary type of data generated from trade-related activity. In Calypso, the accounting engine generates postings based on accounting rules.

In simple terms accounting rules are set of details specifying which accounts will be debited and credited based on your actions like trade booking, corporate actions, settlements etc.

Calypso is a configurable application where all changes (event generation) in application are based on application configuration and are data driven. Likewise, accounting rules are associated with accounting book and product type, where all books i.e portfolios are associated with an accounting book.

In other words, you can have different accounting rules by accounting book, and by product type.

In this eLearning, you will get to know the accounting details in brief along with extracting and integrating Calypso Accounting Postings with an external system or application.

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    1. Calypso Accounting Integration

    2. Test Your Knowledge

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