Course Description

The Calypso Recon eLearning provides information to install and operate Calypso Recon. This functionality requires a specific license agreement. Please contact your Calypso representative for details.

In upgrade projects, the Calypso Recon module is used to compare reports pre- and post-upgrade. This comparison between versions   allows reconciling the values to ensure the consistency and preservation of data during an upgrade

The objective of this module is to provide readers with an introduction to the “Calypso Recon” solution in Calypso. The features, configuration, execution, installation and deployment and understanding of the integration of this solution.

At the end of this eLearning module, you will be able to understand:

• Calypso Recon Installation and Deployment

• Calypso Recon configuration details

• Execution of Recon and Usage

Course curriculum

  • Calypso Recon

    • Calypso Recon

    • Reconciliation Archiving

    • Selective Matching Aggregated records

    • Trade integration

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Step by Step Guide

    • Handout Recon