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Course description

The objective of this course is to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of Calypso's Back Office components and how they can be configured to meet the needs of various business users.

Using a couple of Financial Instruments participants will learn the main Back Office components (transfers and messages), review their generation process, dependencies, and implications through the system as the components move through their lifecycle using Workflows. The course will address the calypso monitoring and management tools (such as the Task Station, Audit Report, Authorization Report, Component Reports – Transfer/Message/Posting - as well as Inventory and Liquidation reports).

The course includes studying the foundational Back Office data that is required to be in place, i.e., setting up: relevant Access Permissions, Reference and Static data (such as Legal Entities, Contacts, and Settlement & Delivery Instructions), Message Configurations, Workflows and configurations for Task Station.

This course is designed for Calypso users working in the Back Office, business analysts or partners who want to understand how to set up the various Back Office components.

Relevant to Back Office functionality, this course will cover the Calypso v15 and prior architecture and design. Additional information on Back Office, including updated information for v15+ may be found in the E-learning short course library.

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Design and Architecture
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