Bank-in-a-Box Workflow & Post Trade Processing Walkthrough

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Course description

This Module reviews the workflow setup in Bank-in-a-Box and walks users through automated and manual post trade processing examples. Some of the topics covered in these walkthroughts are (but are not limited to):

  • Legal Entities description
  • FX Spot trade booking
  • BO Browser: Transfers
  • Transfer Workflow: Cash transfers
  • BO Browser: Confirmation, PaymentOrder messages
  • Message Workflow: Confirmation
  • Message Workflow: PaymentOrder
  • Valid Payment Setup
  • Task Station
  • Task Priority
  • Message Sender Config
  • Confirmation Manual Sending
  • Confirmation Manual Acking
  • Confirmation Manual Matching
  • PaymentOrder Release
  • PaymentOrder Acking
  • Payment Transfer in PRE_SETTLED
  • Payment Transfer Manual Matching with MT900
  • Payment Transfer in SETTLED
  • Receipt Transfer Manual Matching with MT910
  • Receipt Transfer in SETTLED
  • Postings
Calypso  Learning Services
Calypso Learning Services

Course Curriculum

Trade Workflow Overview
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