Course Description

This course takes you to a deep dive in the Corporate Action screens in Calypso. 

It will start with the required setup that you need in order to create Corporate Actions for Bonds and Equities. You will learn how to apply Corporate Actions, create CA trades, create Elections, define CA’s, integrate swift messages, and the difference between all the types of supported CA’s in Calypso.

The course consists of several sections to help you have a smoother learning experience and it is broken down into CA types, CA reports, CA application, CA swift messages and elections.

Course curriculum

  • Introduction

    • Corporate Action-Introduction

  • Different Types of Corporate Action

    • Corporate Action - Different Types

    • Position Based Corporate Action

    • Listed Corporate Action

    • OTC Corporate Action

    • CFD Corporate Action

  • Corporate Action Report

    • Corporate Action Report

  • Corporate Action-SWIFT Messages

    • Corporate Action-SWIFT Messages

    • Corporate Action SWIFT Event Code

  • How to create and apply Corporate Action

    • How to create and apply Corporate Action

  • Test Your Understanding

    • Assessment