E-Learning Post Trade Processing: Task Station v14+

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Course description

The main function of the back office user is to monitor the proper execution of automated tasks, and act upon manual tasks using the Task Station. The Task Station displays tasks generated by the various workflows. A task has a status based on its level of completion. Each task is related to a trade, message, transfer or other objects in a given status, and in the Task Station users can choose which fields they want to monitor for the objects associated with a task.

The Task Station offers the following features:

  • Informs the user in real-time when trades, payments and messages need to be processed.
  • Displays tasks selectively according to user preferences.
  • Contains multiple user-defined task reports for viewing and sorting detailed task information
  • Provides drill down capabilities to related trades, payments, messages, and other objects

This course reviews the concept behind the Task Station for v14+ and the role played by ‘Task Enrichment’ and also describes to users:

  • How to access the New Task Station
  • How to configure Task Station folders and reports
  • How to define report outputs
  • How to set coloring possibilities on outputs
  • How to handle Tasks
  • How to access summary of tasks
  • How to filter tasks
  • How to determine layout possibilities
  • How to copy or view user configurations
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Course Curriculum

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Initial Setup
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Folder & Report Definition
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Reports , Viewing & Filtering
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Color Grid Settings
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Final Points
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