Course Description

Performance and Troubleshooting course is segregate into several chapters to explain the features of Calypso that are used to achieve optimal performance of Application.

  • Below is the list:
  • Archiving            
  • Technical Performance Troubleshooting
  • Clean UP            
  • Remote Debug  

In Remote Debug eLearning, you will get to know the details of setting up Calypso in debug mode, here we also look at an example of how to configure a server in debug mode. In this course, you will explore different ways to set up the Calypso server/engine in debug mode.

In the CleanUp eLearning course, you will get to know the details to delete unnecessary data using options available in Calypso Application. Different methods of clean up are discussed in this course, We will explore a utility that is used from Application to delete data from the database.

In the Performance section of eLearning, you will be introduced to details related to tuning various aspects of the application. You will be able to learn about JVM Params config for Application along with database setting and configuration to extract the best performance from Application.

In Archiving section of eLearning, provides you with an outline of calypso archiving techniques, archiving, in general, is required to maintain the good health of the application. It will help you to understand when to archive and which archiving you need to do based on your requirement.

Calypso Learning Services

Course curriculum

  • Archiving

    • Overview of Archiving

    • Archiving- Part 1

    • Archiving- Part 2

    • Assessment

  • Clean Up

    • Calypso CleanUp Overview

    • Assessment

  • Remote Debug Overview

    • RemoteDebug

    • Assessment

  • Step by Step Guide

    • Handout_archiving

  • Appendix

    • Performance_Tuning-Presentation

    • RemoteDebug v16