Structured Flows

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Course description

Efficient Management of Loans and Deposits

Global markets for supplying and managing liquidity continue to evolve in the face of regulatory and technological change. Firms need robust, flexible tools for capturing information on simple to complex loans and deposits, which are part of financing strategies. Firms seeking to increase revenue through client service differentiation require tools to manage flows from lending/borrowing activities to avoid the erosion of margins—but as part of portfolio management. Many legacy systems are often in silos and do not cover money market, security finance and fixed income products in one platform, silos of cross-asset position, connectivity to disparate platforms, risk and P&L management, or STP in a single back office environment. Globally, liquidity management has become a market based on advanced technology, requiring an organization’s liquidity management to run on an advanced solution.

The Benefits of Using Calypso’s Structured Flows

• Simple user interfaces for easy setup of simple to complex loans
• Cashflow reporting and reconventioning in one view
• Flexible methodology for finding loan rates based on capital costs and markups
• Fully integrated with Calypso’s risk management and liquidity management tools
• Fully integrated with Calypso’s robust front-to-back office platform

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Calypso Learning Services

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