Course Description

Calypso’s back office / post trade processing functions are primarily workflow-based, meaning that the central operations performed are configured to be part of a fully defined process, managed through workflow and task processing.

A central responsibility of a back office user is to monitor the proper execution of the automated tasks and to act upon the manual tasks. This course gives an overview of the Calypso 'Workflow,' its parameters and the relevant application that works together with Workflow to manage the flow of trades, transfers and messages throughout the system.

Course curriculum

  • Introduction

    • Introduction

  • Trade Workflow

    • Workflow_Trade

  • Transfer Workflow

    • Workflow_Transfer

  • Message Workflow

    • Workflow_Message

  • Workflow Hierarchy

    • Workflow_Hierarchy

  • Workflow Advantages

    • Workflow_Advantages

  • Final Tips

    • Workflow_Final Tips

  • Setup

    • Workflow_Setup

  • Demonstration

    • Workflow

  • Hands on

    • Hands on Learning - Workflows

  • Assessment

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Appendix

    • Workflows and Trade Lifecycle