Course Description

The Calypso Front Office Solution offers a collection of tools designed to facilitate trading, analysis, and monitoring of all aspects concerning the markets.

Trade Blotter is one such Front Office tool that is used by the users to view the trades in the Portfolio. The Calypso Trade Blotter is designed for front office users who want to keep track of trades as they are booked in a user-defined worksheet.

The Trade Blotter allows working with trades using different criteria definitions for collecting trades. The trades that satisfy the criteria of a particular trade collection will be loaded into blotters where they share common market data updated in real-time, and where they can be analyzed on-the-fly.

The objective of this module is to provide readers with an introduction to “Trade Blotter” in Calypso. The module gives a brief overview of the Trade Blotter window and displays and defines the steps to configure Calypso Trade Blotter.

Readers will gain hands-on experience around the configuration of the Trade Blotter. 

At the end of this eLearning manual, you will be able to set up Trade Blotters to meet the business requirements of your institution.

The Blotter uses Books, Counterparties, Trade Filters, and Pricing Environment. Before you begin, you will need to ensure you have these configured with trades so you can view them in the Trade Blotter.

Course curriculum

  • Trade Blotter

    • Trade Blotter

    • Overview of Trade Blotter

    • Trade Blotter - Demonstration

    • Test Your Knowledge