Course Description

This course introduces participants to Access Permissions in Calypso. The learners will gain experience in creating groups, giving access to groups, and creating users.

This course also covers Book Access, Workflow access to users.

The course is aimed at businesses or users who need to set up and use Calypso for defining user roles and restricting groups/users. 

Upon successful completion of this eLearning course, users will be able to:

  • Create User Groups
  • Defining Users and assigning groups
  • Understand Book Access, Book Attributes, Currency, Currency Pairs, and Products
  • Workflow Access for Trade, Transfer, Messages and Task

Course curriculum

  • Access Permissions - Introduction

    • Introduction - Access Permissions

  • Components of Access Permission

    • Group, Users, Book Access, Workflow, Data Segregation

    • Configuring Groups

    • User Access

    • Trading Books Rights

    • Workflows Access Permission

  • Test Case

    • Test Case

    • Test Case Solution

  • Test Your Knowledge

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • FAQs

    • FAQs