Course Description

This course introduces participants to the Task Station in Calypso. The course reviews the fundamental aspects of the operations user who will be managing the Task Station, including:

  • How to access the Task Station 
  • Task Station folders and reports 
  • Color conditions 
  • Handling tasks  
  • Filtering tasks
  • How to define Layout possibilities  
  • Task Enrichment

Course curriculum

  • Monitoring & Managing

    • Introduction to Task Station

    • Task Station

  • Defining Report and Task Characteristics

    • Defining Report and Task Characteristics

  • EOD Reports

    • Task Station Window

    • Report and Task Viewing

  • Filtering Configuration

    • Filtering and Colour Grid

  • Task Enrichment

    • Task Enrichment

  • Simulation to create a report config

    • Create a report config

  • Assessment

    • Test Your Understanding

  • Appendix

    • Task Station - Presentation