Course Description

A message identifies any document or payment that users send to an organization (including people within their own organization) to alert them about an event that has occurred on a trade, position, product, etc. In this course, we will cover how Calypso generates messages, determines who the messages are for and associates them to physical/soft documents.

Matching is the generic process of comparing the details of outgoing and incoming trade messages for a given financial transaction. In the Matching SWIFT Messages course, you will learn about ‘matching’ SWIFT messages. At the completion of the Matching SWIFT Messages course, you will have learned what a SWIFT message is and how to interpret and understand the types of information contained in them. In addition, you will understand how this information is ‘matched’ between an outgoing and an incoming SWIFT message by selecting specific matching keys when you configure a matching context in Calypso.

Course curriculum

    1. Generating Messages

    2. Processing and Sending Messages

    3. Grouping Messages

    4. Test Your Knowledge

    1. Introduction and Business Context

    2. Calypso Context and SWIFTs Role

    3. SWIFT's Review and Message Strategies

    4. SWIFT Messages

    5. Viewing Messages

    6. Message Report , Matching Context and Matching Manager

    7. Matching Context

    8. Matching Manager

    9. Hands On

    10. Test Your Knowledge

About this course

  • $300.00
  • 14 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content