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In this eLearning course, you will learn about the details of email integration in Calypso.

In Calypso,Scheduled Task have a feature to send email based on the Task configuration however, this happens with the minimal configuration in task + changes in the application configuration file that is used, it uses the mail client as specified in MAIL_CLIENT_TYPE property value and other properties required for authentication 

Email integration in the Calypso application is possible using out of box features and via implementing customized code and configuration.

In this eLearning course, you will get to know the details of different approaches in Calypso for email sending and receiving. Using out-of-box features you can send emails out of Calypso Application, whereas by customizing you will be able to achieve to receive emails and store them in a database or file system.

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    1. Calypso Email Integration

    2. Test Your Knowledge

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