Course Description

In this eLearning module, you will be able to learn details of installation and configuration of Bloomberg interfaces required to fetch market data and interface to capture trades and send to Bloomberg.

It will cover details of below Bloomberg modules

  1. Bloomberg SAPI
  2. Bloomberg DL
  3. Bloomberg FXGO
  4. Bloomberg VCON

Calypso allows several other Bloomberg interfaces to connect and process data. However, as part of this eLearning, we cover the interfaces which are implemented across various clients.

In this eLearning, we cover two interfaces for Market data and two interfaces for Trade capture. We will go through the details of the installation, configuration, mapping along with usage and functioning of each interface with the Calypso application.

Calypso Learning Services

Course curriculum

  • Bloomberg interfaces for Market Data

    • Market Data interfaces

  • Bloomberg interfaces for Trade Capture

    • Trade Capture interfaces

  • Demonstration Videos


    • Bloomberg Data License

    • Bloomberg FXGO

  • Assessment

    • Test Your Understanding

  • Appendix

    • Bloomberg-Presentation