Course Description

Calypso Architecture course consists of  the below module

  • Core Architecture - This chapter will help you to understand Calypso Architecture, the main components and their interaction. It will help learners to understand Calypso multi-tier architecture, the robustness of Calypso application, Appreciate the event-driven architecture, Describe the key components and their role ,Navigate Calypso Navigator(UI) for key user operations.

  • Engine Framework In Engine framework chapter, you will be able to understand the concept of Engine in Calypso and how the Engine Server and Engine are connected and organized. It also includes details of how they work and communicate with rest of the applications  

  • Scheduler / Schedule TaskWith the help of Scheduler, Calypso offers various solutions to automate the legacy work of report generation and scheduled processing. This chapter will help you to understand the concept of scheduler and organization of tasks. In the latest version of Calypso task configuration and scheduling are separated for better control. you will also learn about the Scheduling capabilities in Calypso and how to create, schedule and monitor a task or a chain of tasks.

  • Risk InfrastructureIn Risk Infrastructure chapter, you will get to know the details of servers and their configurations. It also explains the architecture of Risk Servers set-up and flow details. Calypso Risk infrastructure provides a solution to configure and execute risk reports in the Calypso application. Risk reports are a way of communicating project and business risks to respective departments like Risk Control, Risk Compliance and Risk management teams. Calypso has segregated processing logic and presentation logic into two separate components namely Calculation Server and Presentation Server. In addition to these Calypso also provides Grid Computing with help of Dispatcher and Calculator to process and generate a report in a quick turnaround time with minimum burden on the Calculation server.

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Course curriculum

  • Calypso Core Architecture

    • Core Architecture Overview

    • Calypso Core Architecture

    • Events Orchestration

    • Data Model

  • V17 Architecture

    • V17 Architecture

    • JBOSS to Spring Boot Settings

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Calypso Scheduler

    • Calypso Scheduler Overview

  • Calypso Engine Framework

    • Calypso Engine Framework

  • Calypso Risk Infrastructure

    • Calypso Risk Infrastructure

    • Risk Infrastructure

  • Advance Servers and Engines

    • Advance Server

    • ERS Risk

  • Assessment

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Step by Step Guide

    • Calypso Installation Handout v17

    • Calypso Installation Handout v16

    • Importing DB Dump

    • to_clearevents.sql

    • Handout-Scheduled Task

    • Handout-Engine

  • Appendix

    • Introduction - Architecture -Presentation

    • Overview -Presentation

    • Engine_ScheduledTask-Presentation

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