Course Description

Calypso Automated Testing Tool (CATT) is provided by Calypso as a one stop solution for clients to create and execute automated test scripts for existing Calypso instance, regression testing in case of releases and critical Upgrade projects where there are multiple scenarios to be covered and have impact on timeline.The Calypso Automated Testing Tool (CATT) provides Calypso clients with an efficient, scalable approach to automated functional testing. The solution is seamlessly integrated into our core technology, making it easy to automate testing across the entire platform. CATT has the flexibility to support any type of testing, including new asset classes, additional modules, regression testing, and reconciliation.


  • Increased efficiency 
  • Reduced operational risk
  • Repeatable & reusable
  •  Cost effective
  •  Improved quality
  • Broad functional coverage
  • Highly flexible and scalable

In this eLearning module you will learn all important aspects related to CATT.

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Course curriculum

  • Introduction and Prerequisite

  • CATT Installation

    • CATT Installation,Configuration and Deployment

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • CATT5.0.8_installation

  • CATT Architecture

    • CATT Architecture, CLI Tools, Security and Integration

    • Training Video-CATT Test Configuration and Execution

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Test Script Creation, Reconciliation, DB Model

    • Test Script Creation,Reconciliation and Database Model

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • CATT API's, Customization

    • CATT API’s, Customization / Extensions

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Troubleshooting

    • CATT Troubleshooting

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Test Data

    • Data Access

    • Training Video- Batch Test Suite & Data Access

    • Data Document and Data Table

    • Training Video-Data Document

    • Training Video-Data Tables

    • Data Repository

    • Training Video- Data Repository and Executor

    • Calypso User Alias,Global Test Data and Lazy Actions

    • Training Video- Global Test Data

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Test Objects

    • Requirements and Manual Tests

    • Test Scripts

    • Training Video-Test Scripts

    • Test Suits

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Operations

    • CATT Operations

  • Reconciliation

    • Simple Reconciliation

    • Training Video- Simple Reconciliation

    • Document Reconciliation

    • Report Reconciliation

    • Training Video- Report Reconciliation

    • Calypso Reconciliation

    • Training Video- Calypso Reconciliation

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Reporting

    • Test Results

    • Request Re-Baseline

    • Scheduled Job Log, Test Coverage, Audit Report & System Report

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