Course Description

Customization course consists of several modules to explain the features and details of how you can customize and deploy to applications.

Below is the list:

  • Engines
  • Reports
  • Schedule Task     
  • Workflow Rules 
  • Messages           
  • Pricers

In the Pricer customization eLearning course, you will get to know how pricers are organized in Calypso and how they impact trade pricing and on what basis pricers are selected. You will also learn how to develop code to implement a custom pricer measure.

In the Messages eLearning course, you will learn about the details around message creation and document generation, it also provides you with insight into configuration details required to generate a message in Calypso. In this course, you will learn how to develop and implement custom message formatter.

In the Workflow rules eLearning course, you will learn how a workflow rule is triggered and how it works in the application, it also deals with the required configuration related to workflow. In this eLearning, you will get to know the details of how to develop and implement a custom message workflow rule.

In the Scheduled Task eLearning course, you will get yourself familiarized with the details of the scheduled task and its features. This course also has details of how to develop and implement custom scheduled task to fetch detail based on a trade id.

In the Report customization course, you will learn the details of the Calypso reporting framework and its features. This course provides you details of each class associated with report creation. It has a sample code of implementing a new report type and configure it in the application.

In the Engines customization sections of this module, you will get to know the details of how the engine works and events are propagated. It also explains the rich features of Calypso engines and their importance in Calypso. This course provides you with a sample engine development and implementation in application.

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Course curriculum

  • Calypso Engine - Customization

    • Calypso Engines

    • Assessment

  • Calypso Reporting Framework - Customization

    • Calypso Reporting Framework

    • Assessment

  • Calypso Workflow - Customization

    • Calypso Workflow Customization

    • Assessment

  • Calypso Scheduled Task - Customization

    • Calypso Scheduled Task Customization

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Calypso Messages - Customization

    • Calypso Customizations- Messages

    • Assessment

  • Calypso Pricers - Customization

    • Calypso Customizations- Pricers

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Step by Step Guide

    • Eclipse Configuration

    • Handout_Calypso Customizations

  • Appendix

    • Report_Customization-Presentation

    • Engine_Customization-Presentataion

    • ScheduledTask_Customization-Presentation