Course Description

This course provides details of Calypso interfaces Data Uploader and Data Exporter. These important interfaces help implementation teams load and extract data with minimal changes and configuration. This e-learning deals with installation configuration details, various modes of uploading and exporting data, and hands-on exercises. The target audience for this e-learning is Developers. Before you start with this e-learning we recommend you go through the details of Calypso Core Architecture eLearning which provides details of Calypso architecture and how interfaces are integrated within.

Course curriculum

  • Data Exporter

    • Calypso Data Exporter

    • Overview of Data Exporter

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Data Uploader

    • Calypso Data Uploader

    • Overview of Data Uploader

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Step by Step Guide


    • DataUploader WebService

    • Data Uploader WebService References


    • FX XML

    • Handout_CDUF

    • LegalEntity_NEW

  • Appendix

    • CDUF_Integration-Presentation