Course curriculum

  • Data Exporter

    • Data Exporter - Overview

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Data Uploader

    • Data Uploader -Overview

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Step by Step Guide


    • DataUploader WebService

    • Data Uploader WebService References


    • FX xml

    • Handout_CDUF

    • LegalEntity_NEW

  • Appendix

    • CDUF_Integration-Presentation

Course Description

This course provides details of Calypso interfaces Data Uploader and Data Exporter. These are the important interfaces that help implementation teams to load and extract data with minimal changes and configuration. This e-learning deals with details of installation configuration and various modes of uploading and exporting data along with hands-on exercises. The target audience for this e-learning is Developers. Before you start with this e-learning we recommend you to go through details of Calypso Core Architecture e-learning which provides you details of Calypso architecture and how interfaces are integrated within.