Course Description

This course will help you to understand  how you can use Configuration Workbench to manage configuration and move it from one environment to another.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to install and configure configuration workbench
  • What a configuration package is and how the hierarchy can be used to create a structured view of configuration
  • How to define and view configuration packages
  • Quickly add items to a configuration package using quick capture
  • Understand how wildcards can be used to select multiple items
  • Define and view environments to be accessed
  • Understand collections and how they can be used
  • Export configuration packages
  • Understand the power of export with dependents
  • Learn how to read the export error log in case of errors
  • View the content of configuration packages to import
  • Download and upload configuration packages to your desktop
  • Import configuration packages
  • Compare existing configuration to the imported configuration

Calypso Learning Services

Course curriculum

  • Config Workbench Overview

    • Configuration Workbench

  • How To- Training Videos

    • How to- Define Environments and Folders

    • How to- Define Packages

    • How to - Quick Capture

    • How to - Import and Export Configuration

  • Troubleshooting steps

    • User Creation Scripts & Troubleshooting Tips

  • Assessment

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Step by Step Guide

    • handson_Configuration_Workbench