Course Description

In this course, learners will be provided with detailed step by step instructions on how to install and deploy Calypso Application and Calypso DevOps.

Calypso Application is delivered as an all-in-one installer which contains the Calypso core installation, as well as all modules and interfaces, for Windows or Unix.

Calypso DevOps is delivered independently from Calypso.

v16.1 Installation and Deployment module will help learners to

  •  Appreciate the key processes of installation
  •  Check if the pre-requisites are met
  •  Perform installation on Windows machine in attended and unattended mode
  •  Install Dev Ops Center
  •  Start/stop Calypso and its components
  •  Understand key directories and files of installation

Calypso Learning Services

Course curriculum

  • Introduction

    • Calypso Installation and Prerequisite

  • Core Calypso Installation Overview

    • Core Calypso Installation

    • Calypso Installation Video

  • DeployLocal Overview

    • DeployLocal

    • Calypso Deployment Video

  • DeployRemote

    • DeployRemote

  • Devops

    • Introduction and Installation

    • Configuring Environment in Devops

  • Database Synchronization

    • Database Synchronization

  • Patching Overview

    • Patching

    • Calypso Code Patching Video

  • High Avalibility

    • Calypso High Availability and Hardware Sizing

    • Training Video- High Availability

  • Assessment

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • Step by Step Guide

    • v161072.sql

    • Calypso Installation Handout

    • to_clearevents.sql

    • Handout_deployment_patching

  • Appendix

    • Installation and Deployment-Presentation

    • Patching_Deployment-Presentation