Course Description

The Calypso Front Office Workstation (FOWS) is a versatile, interconnected set of applications sharing a flexible common user interface framework that serves front office operations. These separate applications, or components, allow users to perform a number of front office related tasks from one central location.
Readers of the FOWS modules will gain experience with Market Data, Trade Capture, Risk, and Live P&L  Analyses for different types of asset classes. 

Participants will also be instructed on the configuration, processes, and business cases of the various Front Office Workstation Components Calypso offers their clients to run their daily Front Office operations.

Understanding Calypso’s Front Office Workstation will provide the user with the knowledge and skills to fully leverage Calypso for risk measurement and management, Live P&L, both cross-asset and cross-border.

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Course curriculum

  • Front Office Workstation Introduction

    • Calypso Front Office Workstation Syllabus

    • Front Office Workstation Introduction

  • FOWS Configuration

    • Workplan Configuration

    • Component Configuration Overview

    • Component Configuration View Profiles

    • Component Configuration Data Profiles

  • FOWS: Administrators

    • FOWS Administrator Part #1

    • FOWS Administrator Part #2

  • Market Sheet

    • Market Sheet Overview

  • Bond Pricing Sheet

    • Bond Pricing Sheet Overview

  • Interest Rate Derivatives

    • IRD Pricing Configuration

    • IRD Pricing and Pricer Components

    • IRD Pricing Favorites

  • FX Workstation

    • FX Introduction

    • Pricer & Adhoc Pricer Quotes

    • FX Pricer

    • FX Summary and Viewer Components

  • Live P&L with Calypso Front Office Workstation

    • LivePL_Overview

    • LivePL_Configuration

    • LivePL Report Configuration Part A

    • LivePL Report Configuration Part B

    • LivePL_EODProcess

    • LivePL Report Usage

    • Live PL Report Interpretation

  • Client Activity Browser

    • Client Activity Browser - Overview

    • Configuring the Client Activity Browser

    • Using Client Activity Browser

  • Test Your Knowledge

    • Assessment

  • Appendix

    • FOWS Introduction

    • Live PL (Taylor)

    • Live PL - Ladder PNL

    • Securities Position Blotter/Bond Pricing Sheet

    • FX Workstation (FX pricer)

    • Client Activity Browser