Course Description

Calypso is the leading provider of front-to-back technology solutions for the financial markets. With 21 years of experience delivering cross-asset solutions for trading, processing, risk management, and accounting, Calypso can focus its significant resources on customer problems, bringing simplicity to the most complex business challenges.

Calypso provides customers with a single platform designed from the outset to enable consolidation, innovation, and growth.

This course aims to provide participants, specifically the users with little or no prior Calypso experience with a comprehensive introduction to the Calypso platform.

The course will provide readers with a basic understanding of Calypso's Front-to-Back coverage. The course will equip new Calypso users with the basic knowledge of the system, enabling them to have a firm foundation, which they can build on through our in-depth courses later.

Readers will gain knowledge and hands-on experience around the system while being introduced to different aspects and features of the Calypso platform.  

Course curriculum

  • Introduction to Calypso

    • Introduction to Calypso