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Application security is a major concern in this internet age especially when system is exposed to external world. With increased regulations across the world, institutions are tightening application security that are accessed with in organization.Some of them implement their own standards including 2FA, RSA token. While some clients secure environments via hosting in DMZ, URL masking, token refresh, etc.

Calypso supports various security feature to provide clients with safe and secure access to application. These features are configured in application with minimal code /code fig change and sometime involves installation and set-up. In this course we will learn and explore the details of one such technique Kerberos for Calypso application. Kerberos is a protocol to authenticate a user. It uses tickets to authenticate. It will not store password locally or sending over internet and Involves a trusted 3rd party (besides server and client) to perform the job. This third party can be another system, or any organization approved standard application / technology. We shall go through the details of the how Kerberos is implemented or integrated with Calypso.

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  • Kerberos

    • Kerberos Overview

    • Training Video -Kerberos

    • Test Your Knowledge