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Calypso’s Profit and Loss Solution-Official P&L

The Global financial marketplace continues to evolve at the speed of light both in terms of technological innovation and regulation. International financial centers are embracing electronic markets, automation, cross-border, and cross-asset trading. Within this framework the investor and trader is undergoing seismic changes which present challenges for their organizations. To succeed within these advanced technological, regulatory, and market environments, firms, exchanges and desks all share common underlying objectives: incorporating efficient technology, streamlining costs, managing risk, all while increasing volumes and revenue. Managing this array of challenges on a large portfolio of trades and positions in the global market environment strain the financial frameworks of many firms, especially the organizations which rely on the connectivity to disparate platforms to integrate seamlessly during volatile market environments. Many legacy systems are often fragmented and cannot meet the requirements of cross-asset, cross-border portfolios, risk and P&L management, and Straight through Processing (STP) in a single environment.
Financial institutions such as banks, hedge funds and brokerage firms require a comprehensive software solution to analyze and report the profitability of their cash and asset positions including projected cash flows resulting from their market activities. Firm’s investment, compliance, and risk departments are all required to insure that their activities are based on current and accurate information so that their hedging and funding decisions are accurate and efficient. Specifically, Calypso’s Official P&L offers traders and risk managers a consolidated global view of their positions P&L in order to monitor and manage multi-asset and cross-border trading portfolios. Calypso’s Official P&L enable traders and risk managers to identify opportunities and risks, offering the Calypso user a significant competitive advantage.

Calypso’s Official P&L offers a top-down cross-asset approach to P&L attributionby segregating P&L based on various levels of aggregation such as time, market data or trade lifecycle changes (additional levels of granularity are available). Calypso also enables the P&L drill-down to be done at both the trade, book, or at the market data underlying level. Calypso’s Official P&L is fully integrated into the Calypso trading and risk management platform to provide consistent and accurate P&L reporting solutions.
The benefits of the Calypso P&L solution include:

• Single P&L report for a cross-asset portfolio
• P&L decomposed by Front Office or Accounting view
• P&L Explained, decomposing P&L by Time, Market Data, and System effects
• P&L solutions which cater to specific markets and asset classes
• Multiple ways of aggregating and segregating P&L data based on users business requirements
• PL Configuration and Methodology segregated by Book and Product type dependent on the users compliance and regulatory requirements
• Market standard reporting by End-of-day (Daily) P&L, Month-to-date P&L, Year-to-date P&L and/or customized tenors.
• FX Exposure (Translation) P&L for portfolios with FX exposure

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Course curriculum

  • Introduction to Official P&L

    • Official P&L with Calypso

    • Official PL Preparative Requirements

    • Appendix Official P&L Intialization

  • Overview of Official P&L with Calypso

    • Introduction to Official P&L

    • Official P&L Introduction Video

    • Official P&L Pricing Environments Video

    • Official P&L

    • Official P&L Introduction P&L Explain Video

    • Official PL: P&L Explain Effects #1

    • Official PL: P&L Explain Effects #2

  • Official P&L Report Configuration

    • Official PL Report Configuration

    • Official P&L: Analysis Designer Configuration video

    • Official P&L: P&L Configuration Video

    • Official P&L: PL Methodology Video

    • Official PL Middle Tier Configuration

    • Official P&L: Middle Tier Video

  • P&L Marks, Measures, and Scheduled Tasks

    • Official P&L P&L Marks and Scheduled Tasks

    • Official PL: PL Marks Video

    • Official PL: PL Measures and Scheduled Task Video

  • Official P&L Report Display

    • Official PL Report Display with the CWS

    • Official P&L FX Translation

    • Official P&L Cost of Funding

  • Official P&L Reporting: Position Management

    • Official PL Position Management

    • Official P&L: Position Management Video

    • Official P&L: Position Mgmt Aggregation Video

    • Official P&L: Position Mgmt Liquidation Window Video

    • Official P&L: Position Specification Configuration Video

  • Appendix: Official P&L Troubleshooting

    • Appendix A: Troubleshooting

  • Appendix: BiaB Official P&L Manuals

    • BiaB Official P&L Manual

    • BiaB Official P&L Use Case & Troubleshooting

  • Appendix: Official P&L CLS Presentation

    • Calypso Official P&L - Presentation